Troubleshooting Common Bobcat 864 Problems: Effective Solutions

The bobcat 864 can experience various problems that may affect its performance and efficiency. However, these issues can be resolved with proper maintenance and timely repairs.

The bobcat 864 is a versatile piece of equipment that is widely used in construction and landscaping projects. Despite its reliability and durability, the machine may encounter common problems that could impact its performance. Some of the issues that may arise with the bobcat 864 include faulty hydraulic systems, engine problems, weak cooling systems, and leaks.

However, with regular maintenance and immediate repairs, most of these problems can be fixed promptly. This article will provide insights into the common issues with the bobcat 864 and how to troubleshoot them.

Monitoring And Maintenance

Importance Of Routine Monitoring And Maintenance

Regular monitoring and maintenance is essential to ensure your bobcat 864 is in optimal condition. Neglecting your machine can lead to potential problems and downtime, which can be costly in terms of repairs and lost productivity. Here are some key reasons why you should prioritize regular monitoring and maintenance:

  • Proactive maintenance can help detect any potential problems before they escalate, preventing expensive repairs and downtime.
  • Regular monitoring and maintenance ensure that all systems and components are working efficiently, improving the performance and lifespan of the machine.
  • Routine maintenance can help identify areas where parts need to be replaced and can prevent safety hazards from developing.

Setting Up A Maintenance Schedule

Creating and following a maintenance schedule is critical to ensure your bobcat 864 runs smoothly and efficiently. Ideally, it would be best to set up a maintenance schedule with a professional technician to ensure that all essential maintenance tasks are correctly completed on time.

Here are some key factors to consider when setting up a maintenance schedule:

  • Schedule frequent check-ups and inspections every 250 hours of machine operation.
  • Determine tasks that can be done weekly, monthly, every 500 hours, or 1000-hour hours of operation.
  • Record maintenance schedules and work done in a maintenance logbook.

Inspection Checklist For Ensuring Optimal Operation

Regular inspections are the first line of defense in ensuring that your bobcat 864 performs at peak condition. Here are some key areas that should be included in an inspection checklist:

  • Review the hydraulic system, including hoses and fittings, for any leaks, damages, or wear.
  • Regularly inspect engine oil and fuel levels to ensure they meet proper specifications.
  • Check and clean air filters for dust accumulation or damages that could reduce engine performance.
  • Check coolant levels and the condition of radiator hoses, clamps, and belts for wear or damage.
  • Inspect the undercarriage, including track tension, sprockets, idlers, rollers, and final drives for damages or wear.
  • Test all safety systems, including the seat belt light, seat switch, and control interlock system.

Regular monitoring and maintenance are essential to ensure your bobcat 864 is always in optimal condition. Establishing a maintenance schedule can help you keep track of scheduled tasks, record work completed in a logbook while performing routine inspections using a checklist to ensure optimal operation.

Finally, remember to keep your equipment clean while keeping it away from harsh environmental conditions.

Identifying Common Problems

Bobcat 864 is a popular piece of machinery known for its durability and efficiency. However, like any other equipment, it is not immune to problems. Identifying common problems is crucial as it enables operators to address issues early, preventing further damage and reducing costs.

Understanding Warning Signs

Timely identification of warning signs is critical in preventing severe issues. Here are some signs to watch for:

  • Strange noises: Any unusual noise from the machine could indicate an issue.
  • Warning lights: Warning lights indicate problems and should not be ignored.
  • Jerky movements: Jerky or slow movements indicate a lack of hydraulic power.
  • Smoke: Smoke coming out of the machine is a clear indication of a problem.
  • Power loss: If the machine experiences a sudden loss of power, it could be a sign of a malfunction.

Common Problems Associated With Bobcat 864

The bobcat 864 is prone to several problems that could affect its performance. Some common issues include:

  • Hydraulic leaks: Hydraulic leaks could cause power loss and, if left unattended, lead to more severe damage.
  • Faulty injectors: A faulty injector could cause a reduction in power and poor engine performance.
  • Broken belts: Broken belts could lead to jerky movements or a total power loss.
  • Overheating: Overheating could damage the engine, making it essential to investigate the cause of the increased temperature.

Importance Of Identifying Problems Early

Early problem identification is critical when it comes to bobcat 864. Here’s why:

  • Cost: Early problem identification reduces costs associated with repairs.
  • Downtime: Early identification and resolution of issues minimizes downtime, ensuring that the machine functions efficiently.
  • Machine life: Addressing issues early extends the machine’s life, reducing the need for replacements.

Identifying common problems associated with the bobcat 864 is essential as it enables operators to address issues early, preventing further damage, reducing costs, and ensuring optimum machine performance.

Effective Solutions For Common Problems

Bobcat 864 is a powerful and reliable compact loader. However, like any other heavy-duty equipment, it may experience some issues from time to time. In this post, we will focus on some of the bobcat 864 problems and provide effective solutions to these issues.


One of the common problems experienced by bobcat 864 loader owners is overheating. Overheating can cause significant damage to your equipment if not addressed quickly. Here are some of the causes and effective solutions to overheating problems:

  • Causes of overheating
  1. Clogged Coolant Passages
  2. Malfunctioning Water Pump
  3. Damaged Fan Blades
  4. Low Coolant Level
  5. Faulty Thermostat
  • Effective solutions for overheating problems
  1. Replace The Damaged Fan Blades
  2. Clean Clogged Coolant Passages
  3. Repair Or Replace The Water Pump
  4. Replace The Faulty Thermostat
  5. Ensure The Coolant Level Is Adequate

Hydraulic System Issues

Another common problem faced by bobcat 864 owners is hydraulic system issues. If the hydraulic system is not functioning correctly, it can affect the loader’s overall performance. Here are some of the causes and effective solutions to hydraulic system issues:

  • Causes of hydraulic system problems
  1. Damaged Hydraulic Hoses
  2. Leaking Seals
  3. Low Hydraulic Oil Level
  4. Clogged Hydraulic Filters
  5. Faulty Pump
  • Effective solutions for hydraulic system issues
  1. Replace Damaged Hydraulic Hoses
  2. Replace Leaking Seals
  3. Check And Refill Hydraulic Oil Level
  4. Clean Or Replace Clogged Hydraulic Filters
  5. Repair Or Replace The Faulty Pump
  6. Electrical Problems

Bobcat 864 owners may also encounter electrical problems from time to time. Electrical problems can be frustrating and can cause delays in your work. Here are some of the causes and effective solutions to electrical problems:

  • Causes of electrical problems
  1. Dead Battery
  2. Faulty Starter Motor
  3. Damaged Alternator
  4. Dirty Or Corroded Terminals
  • Effective solutions for electrical problems
  1. Replace The Dead Battery
  2. Repair Or Replace The Faulty Starter Motor
  3. Repair Or Replace The Damaged Alternator
  4. Clean Dirty Or Corroded Terminals
  5. Engine Starting Problems

Another problem faced by bobcat 864 owners is engine starting problems. If your engine won’t start, it may be due to various reasons. Here are some of the causes and effective solutions to engine starting issues:

  • Causes of engine starting problems
  1. Dead Battery
  2. Faulty Starter Motor
  3. Clogged Fuel Filter
  4. Low Fuel Level
  5. Damaged Glow Plugs
  • Effective solutions for engine starting issues
  1. Replace The Dead Battery
  2. Repair Or Replace The Faulty Starter Motor
  3. Replace The Clogged Fuel Filter
  4. Ensure The Fuel Level Is Adequate
  5. Replace The Damaged Glow Plugs

Regular maintenance and timely repairs can help prevent bobcat 864 problems from becoming more severe. Taking care of your equipment is essential to maintain its longevity and performance. Follow the effective solutions provided in this post to overcome these common problems and keep your bobcat 864 loader running smoothly.

Troubleshooting Techniques

Bobcats are excellent heavy-duty machines that can withstand hard work. However, as with other machinery, they may at times develop problems that impede their performance. If you own a bobcat 864, you might be wondering how to troubleshoot some of the common issues that may arise.

Worry not, because this section covers the basic troubleshooting techniques, best practices for fixing these issues, and how to prevent them from occurring in the future.

A Step-By-Step Guide For Fixing Common Problems

Hydraulic System Problems

If you encounter issues with your bobcat 864’s hydraulic system, follow these steps:

  • Check the hydraulic oil level and refill if necessary.
  • Ensure that the hydraulic filter is clean and replace it if it’s dirty.
  • Look out for any damaged hydraulic hoses or couplers, and replace them accordingly.

Engine Problems

Engine problems are a common issue in heavy-duty machinery like the bobcat 864. Here are some steps to follow:

  • Check the fuel level and ensure that the fuel system is clean.
  • Take out and clean the air filter or replace it, if required.
  • Ensure timely maintenance and service of the engine to enhance durability.

Electrical Problems

If you encounter electrical problems, follow these steps:

  • Check the battery terminals for rust or other damage and clean them up if necessary.
  • Check the fuses and replace any blown ones.
  • Ensure that the alternator and starter motor are functioning correctly.

Best Practices For Troubleshooting

A few best practices can make a considerable difference in fixing problems quickly. Here are some of them:

  • Always wear protective clothing and equipment.
  • Always refer to the bobcat 864 manual for specific instructions.
  • Try to identify the problem’s source before beginning the repair process.
  • Keep all the necessary tools and other items handy before troubleshooting.

Tips For Preventing Future Problems

Prevention is always better than the cure. Here are some tips to help you prevent future problems:

  • Conduct regular preventive maintenance and machine servicing to keep it in good condition.
  • Use clean hydraulic oil to decrease abrasion.
  • Always use oem bobcat parts for repairs.
  • Properly train employees on how to operate and work with the bobcat 864.

The bobcat 864 is a reliable heavy-duty machine but may develop problems that require troubleshooting. This section has provided you with a step-by-step guide to fixing the most common problems, the best practices for correcting these issues, and tips to prevent them from occurring in the future.

Remember always to seek professional assistance if you’re not sure about anything, and refer to the bobcat 864 manual if necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions For Bobcat 864 Problems

What Are Common Issues With Bobcat 864?

Common problems with bobcat 864 include engine overheating, hydraulic problems, and electrical faults.

How Can I Troubleshoot Hydraulic Issues On Bobcat 864?

Check the hydraulic fluid level and cleanliness, inspect belts and filters, examine hydraulic hoses for leaks or damage, and inspect the drive belt.

What Causes The Bobcat 864 Engine To Overheat?

Overheating issues in bobcat 864 may be caused by low coolant levels, blocked radiators, thermostat problems, or faulty water pumps.

Why Does The Bobcat 864 Run But Moves Slowly?

Slow movement in bobcat 864 could be caused by low hydraulic fluid, clogged filters, malfunctioning drive motor, or damaged pumps.

What Should I Do If My Bobcat 864 Won’T Start?

Check the battery and fuel levels, ensure all safety features are engaged, examine the spark plugs, and inspect fuel injectors or carburetor for issues.

How Can I Fix Electrical Faults In Bobcat 864?

Check for loose or damaged wires, examine the alternator and starter for faults, and investigate the fuses and relays to locate the issue.


After looking into the various bobcat 864 problems, it is clear that this piece of machinery requires proper care and maintenance to perform effectively. The common problems mentioned in this article, such as engine overheating and weak hydraulic power, can be avoided by regular maintenance and addressing any issues as soon as they arise.

While some problems may require professional intervention, many issues can be solved by simply being vigilant and aware of equipment performance. It is also essential to ensure that the machine is operating within its limits and to follow recommended operational procedures.

By adhering to these simple practices, users can prolong the life and efficiency of their bobcat 864 and prevent costly repairs. Remember, a well-maintained bobcat 864 has the potential to be a powerhouse on any job site.

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