Cub Cadet 679Cc Efi Engine Problems

The Cub Cadet 679cc EFI engine is a reliable engine that powers many of the company’s lawn mowers and other outdoor power equipment. However, like all engines, it is not without its problems. Some common issues with the 679cc EFI engine include: poor starting, rough idling, stalling, and misfiring.

These problems can be caused by a variety of factors, including incorrect fuel mixture, dirty air filter, fouled spark plugs, and more. Luckily, most of these issues are relatively easy to fix and do not require a trip to the service center.

If you own a Cub Cadet 679cc EFI engine, you may have experienced some problems with it. Here are some common issues that owners have reported: 1. Engine stalls when idling.

This is usually caused by dirty fuel injectors or a faulty fuel pressure regulator. Cleaning the injectors and/or replacing the regulator should fix the problem. 2. Engine runs rough at high speeds.

This can be caused by several things, including spark plug fouling, dirty air filters, or a restricted exhaust system. Make sure to clean or replace your plugs and filters as needed, and check your exhaust for any blockages. 3. Hard starting/stalling when cold.

Again, this is often due to dirty fuel injectors or a faulty fuel pressure regulator. Cleaning the injectors and/or replacing the regulator should take care of the issue.

The Cub Cadet EFI Engine

Are Cub Cadet Efi Engines Good?

Cub Cadet EFI engines are designed for those who demand the very best. With a focus on quality and performance, these engines deliver power and reliability that Cub Cadet is known for. Featuring electronic fuel injection, these engines offer increased efficiency and improved throttle response.

Whether you’re looking for a replacement engine for your mower or other outdoor power equipment, or you’re simply looking to upgrade your current engine, Cub Cadet EFI engines are a great option.

Who Makes the Cub Cadet 679Cc Engine?

Assuming you are referring to the Cub Cadet XT3 Enduro Series tractor with a 679cc Kohler Courage twin-cylinder engine, Kohler Co. is the manufacturer. Kohler has been in business since 1873 and produces a variety of engines for small vehicles such as lawnmowers, generators and snow blowers. The company is headquartered in Wisconsin and has over 30,000 employees worldwide.

Is Efi Better Than Carburetor Lawn Mower?

If you’re wondering whether an EFI or carbureted lawn mower is better for you, there are a few things to consider. EFI engines are more efficient and deliver better fuel economy. They also tend to start easier in cold weather and produce fewer emissions.

Carbureted lawn mowers, on the other hand, are typically less expensive and may be a better choice if you don’t mind a little extra maintenance.

Why Does My Cub Cadet Keep Stalling?

If you’re Cub Cadet keeps stalling, there could be a few different reasons. Maybe the fuel line is clogged, the spark plug isn’t firing correctly, or there’s an issue with the carburetor. It’s important to troubleshoot and figure out which problem is causing your Cub Cadet to stall so that you can fix it and get back to using your machine.

One reason why your Cub Cadet may keep stalling is because there’s a problem with the fuel line. Over time, dirt and debris can build up in the fuel line and cause clogs. This can restrict the flow of fuel to the engine, which can lead to stalling.

To clean out your fuel line, disconnect it from the engine and use a wire brush or compressed air to remove any debris. Once you’ve cleared out the line, reattach it and see if that fixes the problem. Another possibility is that something is wrong with the spark plug.

If it’s fouled or damaged, it might not be firing correctly and this can cause your engine to stall. Inspect your spark plug and clean or replace it as needed. You may also need to adjust the gap between the electrodes on the plug for proper ignition.

Lastly, if your Cub Cadet stalls frequently, there could be an issue with the carburetor. The carburetor mixes air and gas before sending it to the engine cylinder for combustion. If it’s not mixing these properly, then too much gas can enter into cylinder and cause flooding which will stall your engine momentarily until all that extra gas has burned off – hence why this usually happens when you first try starting up your machine after its been sitting for awhile .

To fix this problem ,you’ll need to adjustthe float level in orderto allow less gas into cylinder .

Cub Cadet 679Cc Efi Engine Problems


Cub Cadet 679Cc Efi Engine Review

Cub Cadet’s 679cc EFI engine is a workhorse that’s built for the long haul. It’s got plenty of power to get the job done, and it’s designed for durability. This engine is a great choice for those who want a dependable engine that will last for years to come.


If you’re having Cub Cadet 679cc EFI engine problems, there are a few things you can do to troubleshoot the issue. First, check the fuel system for any leaks or blockages. Next, clean or replace the air filter.

If neither of these solutions fixes the problem, then it’s likely that the fuel injectors need to be cleaned or replaced.

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