John Deere 3320 Problems

The John Deere 3320 is a compact utility tractor that was first introduced in 2005. It is built on the same platform as the John Deere 3120 and John Deere 3220. The 3320 is powered by a three-cylinder diesel engine that produces 33 horsepower.

It has a two-range hydrostatic transmission and four-wheel drive. The 3320 is available with a cab or with a canopy. The John Deere 3320 has a number of problems that have been reported by users.

The most common problem is that the engine will shut down unexpectedly. This can be caused by a number of factors, including a faulty fuel injector, a problem with the fuel system, or a problem with the engine itself. Other common problems include the tractor not starting, the engine stalling, and the tractor leaking oil.

If you’re a John Deere 3320 owner, you may have experienced some problems with your tractor. Here are some common issues that have been reported: -The engine may stall when idling or under load.

-The tractor may be difficult to start, or may not start at all. -The engine may run rough or may misfire. -The tractor may overheat, especially when working hard.

If you’re experiencing any of these problems, it’s best to take your tractor to a John Deere dealer or service center for diagnosis and repair. In the meantime, here are some tips that may help you troubleshoot and resolve some of these issues: -If the engine stalls, check the fuel system for debris or water contamination.

-If the tractor is difficult to start, check the battery, starter, and spark plugs. -If the engine is misfiring, check the fuel system and spark plugs. -If the tractor overheats, check the cooling system for leaks or blockages.

John Deere 3320 Tractor Error Code 01

How much can a John Deere 3320 Lift?

The John Deere 3320 is a versatile tractor that can be used for a variety of tasks around the farm. One of the most common uses for the 3320 is lifting and moving heavy loads. So, how much can the John Deere 3320 lift?

The John Deere 3320 is equipped with a powerful three-point hitch that can lift up to 2,200 pounds. This is more than enough to lift and move most farm equipment and machinery. The 3320 can also be equipped with a front-end loader, which increases its lifting capacity to 3,200 pounds.

With its versatile design and powerful lifting capabilities, the John Deere 3320 is a great tractor for farmers and ranchers who need to move heavy loads around their property.

What does a John Deere 3320 weigh?

A John Deere 3320 typically weighs between 5,100 and 5,300 pounds, depending on the model year and options. The 3320 is a compact utility tractor that was first introduced in 2004. It has a 33 horsepower diesel engine and a hydrostatic transmission.

It is available in both 2WD and 4WD models.

How wide is a John Deere 3320?

A John Deere 3320 is 108 inches wide.

What horsepower is a 6130 John Deere?

The 6130 John Deere has a horsepower of 80. This model was introduced in 1963 and is still in production today. It is a popular choice for farmers and ranchers due to its reliability and durability.

John deere 3320 review

The John Deere 3320 is a mid-sized utility tractor that is perfect for a wide range of applications. This tractor is built with a strong engine and transmission, making it capable of handling heavy loads. The 3320 also has a comfortable cab and plenty of features that make it a great choice for those who need a versatile and reliable tractor.

Here is a closer look at the John Deere 3320 and what it has to offer. The John Deere 3320 is powered by a 3-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine that produces 33 horsepower. This engine is mated to a 8-speed powershift transmission, giving the 3320 a top speed of 21 miles per hour.

The tractor also has a hydraulic system that provides a flow of up to 15 gallons per minute. This system gives the 3320 the power to operate a wide range of attachments, making it a versatile machine. The 3320 has a spacious and comfortable cab that is equipped with a radio, air conditioning, and a heater.

The tractor also has a power take-off (PTO) that can be used to operate a wide variety of attachments. The 3320 is a 2WD tractor that has a wheelbase of 84 inches. It also has a turning radius of 11.2 feet.

The John Deere 3320 is a great tractor for those who need a versatile and reliable machine.


Some common problems with the John Deere 3320 include engine problems, hydraulic problems and electrical problems. Engine problems can include a loss of power, engine knock or an oil leak. Hydraulic problems can include a loss of hydraulic pressure or a hydraulic leak.

Electrical problems can include a dead battery, faulty ignition switch or a blown fuse.

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