John Deere 4230 Problems

The John Deere 4230 is a tractor that was first introduced in 1972. The 4230 was one of the most popular models of its time, but it has since been discontinued. Despite its popularity, the 4230 had some major problems that eventually led to its discontinuation.

One of the most common problems with the 4230 was that it frequently broke down. This was often due to faulty parts, such as the engine or transmission. Another problem with the 4230 was that it was not very reliable in terms of performance.

This meant that farmers who used this tractor often had to deal with unexpected downtime and repairs.

John Deere 4230 over fueling problems. Any advice?

The John Deere 4230 is a great tractor, but it’s not without its problems. Some common issues that owners report include engine trouble, hydraulic problems, and electrical issues. If you’re having trouble with your John Deere 4230, make sure to check out our troubleshooting guide.

We’ll help you diagnose and fix the most common problems so you can get back to work.

John Deere 4230 Pros And Cons

The John Deere 4230 is a versatile tractor that can be used for a variety of tasks. It is well-built and has a powerful engine, making it a good choice for those who need a reliable machine. However, there are some drawbacks to consider before purchasing this tractor.

One con is that the John Deere 4230 is not as comfortable as some other models. The seat is hard and there is not much room to move around, which can make it difficult to work for long periods of time. Another downside is that the price tag on this tractor can be quite high, particularly when compared to other models in its class.

John Deere 4230 for Sale

John Deere 4230 for Sale The John Deere 4230 is a classic tractor that is perfect for any farm. This tough machine has been built to last and it shows in its design.

The John Deere 4230 for sale is a great deal for anyone looking for a dependable tractor that can handle any job on the farm. This model was first introduced in 1974 and it quickly became one of the most popular tractors among farmers. It’s no surprise that the John Deere 4230 is still sought after today, nearly 50 years later.

This versatile tractor can be used for a variety of tasks on the farm. It’s equipped with a powerful engine that provides plenty of torque to get the job done right. The John Deere 4230 can be outfitted with attachments like plows and cultivators to make quick work of any field prep you need to do.

And when it’s time to harvest, the 4230 can easily pull a wagon loaded down with your crops. No matter what task you need to complete, the John Deere 4230 is up for the challenge. If you’re looking for an affordable tractor that can handle anything you throw at it, then check out the John Deere 4230 for sale.

This classic machine has stood the test of time and it’s sure to be a valuable addition to your farm.

John Deere 4230 Specs

The John Deere 4230 is a utility tractor that was first introduced in 1975. It was one of the last models in the “New Generation” series of tractors that John Deere produced. The 4230 is powered by a four-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine and has a six-speed powershift transmission.

It was available in both two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive models. The four-wheel drive model featured a limited slip differential, while the two-wheel drive model did not. The original 4230 tractor had a wheelbase of 106 inches (2,692 mm) and an overall length of 172 inches (4,369 mm).

The width of the tractor was 84 inches (2,134 mm) for the two-wheel drive model and 96 inches (2,438 mm) for the four-wheel drive model. The height of the tractor cab was 77 inches (1,956 mm). The ground clearance for the two-wheel drive model was 15 inches (380 mm), while the ground clearance for the four-wheel drive model was 18 inches (457 mm).

The John Deere 4230 is equipped with hydraulically actuated wet disc brakes on all four wheels. These brakes are used to stop the tractor as well as slow it down when travelling downhill. There is also an emergency brake system that utilizes dry discs on all four wheels.

This system is used to stop the tractor if hydraulic pressure is lost or if there is a failure in the primary braking system. The John Deere 4230 has a three-point hitch system with a lift capacity of 5,280 pounds (2,390 kg). It also has an integrated PTO shaft that can be used to power attachments such as mowers or rotary tillers.


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John Deere Tractors near Me

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John Deere 4230 Problems


What Year Did They Make 4230 John Deere?

The 4230 John Deere was produced in 1975. It was a popular model at the time and remained in production until 1977 when it was replaced by the 4320. The 4230 was available in both 2WD and 4WD models.

It had a hydrostatic transmission and could be equipped with either turf or industrial tires. The engine displacement was 4.5L and it produced 95 hp.

How Much Horsepower Does a Jd 4230 Have?

The John Deere 4230 tractor is powered by a John Deere 4.5L four-cylinder diesel engine that produces 95 horsepower at 2,200 rpm. This powerful little tractor is equipped with two-wheel drive and four-wheel steering, making it incredibly maneuverable. It also features a three-point hitch and front end loader, making it an extremely versatile machine.

What Does a 4230 John Deere Weigh?

The 4230 John Deere tractor weighs in at 9,200 pounds. It is a two-wheel drive tractor with a six-cylinder engine that produces 95 horsepower. The overall length of the tractor is 15 feet, and the width is just over six feet.

The height of the cab is approximately seven and a half feet.

What Engine is in a John Deere 4230?

The John Deere 4230 is powered by a four-cylinder turbocharged and aftercooled diesel engine. This engine is built by Deere Power Systems and produces 85 horsepower at 2,200 rpm. It has a total displacement of 3.9 L and a bore of 4.13 in (105 mm) and a stroke of 5.02 in (128 mm).

The 4230 also has an oil capacity of 15 quarts (14 L) and a cooling system capacity of 9 gallons (34 L).


The John Deere 4230 is a great tractor, but it’s not without its problems. One common problem with the 4230 is that the PTO can be difficult to engage. Sometimes it takes a few tries to get it engaged, and sometimes it won’t engage at all.

Another problem that has been reported is that the fuel gauge doesn’t always work correctly. The fuel gauge may read “empty” when there’s still fuel in the tank, or it may read “full” when the tank is actually empty. If you’re having problems with your John Deere 4230, you’re not alone.

These are some of the most common problems that have been reported by owners of this tractor.

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