John Deere 4850 Problems

If you’re a John Deere 4850 owner, then you know that this tractor is built for heavy-duty work. But even the best machines can have their problems. Here are some of the most common John Deere 4850 problems that owners have reported:

Leaks are a common problem with the John Deere 4850. The most likely culprit is the hydrostatic drive pump, which can develop leaks over time. If you notice oil or fluid leaking from your tractor, be sure to check the pump and have it repaired or replaced as needed.

Another common issue with the John Deere 4850 is engine misfires. This can be caused by a number of things, including bad spark plugs, dirty fuel injectors, or a faulty ignition coil. If your tractor starts to misfire, be sure to troubleshoot the cause so you can get it fixed quickly.

If you’re a farmer, then you know that John Deere tractors are some of the best on the market. But even the best tractor can have problems and the John Deere 4850 is no exception. Here are some common problems farmers have reported with this model:

1. Problems with the transmission. Some farmers have reported that the transmission slips or doesn’t engage properly. This can obviously be a big problem when you’re trying to get work done on your farm.

2. Engine trouble. Another common problem with the John Deere 4850 is engine trouble. Some farmers have reported that their engines stall or don’t start at all.

This obviously makes it very difficult to get any work done! 3. Hydraulic problems. Many farmers rely on hydraulics to operate their equipment and so hydraulic problems can be a big issue.

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How Much Horsepower Does a John Deere 4850 Have?

The John Deere 4850 tractor has 165 horsepower. This powerful machine is able to accomplish a lot of work on the farm or ranch. It can pull plows and other implements, as well as haul hay bales and other equipment or materials.

This makes it an essential tool for many agricultural operations.

How Much Oil Does a John Deere 4850 Hold?

The John Deere 4850 tractor has a fuel tank that holds 98.5 gallons (374.9 L) of diesel fuel. The engine oil capacity is 15 quarts (14.1 L).

Is a 4960 a Good Tractor?

A 4960 tractor is a great option for those in the market for a new tractor. This model has many features that make it an attractive choice, such as: -A four-wheel drive system that helps with traction in difficult conditions

-An optional cab that can provide protection from the elements while you work -A front end loader that can be used for a variety of tasks, such as moving debris or landscaping

How Much Horsepower Does a 6210 Have?

The John Deere 6210 is a utility tractor that was introduced in 1998. It featured a six-cylinder, 5.9 L John Deere PowerTech engine and produced 110 hp (82 kW) power take-off (PTO). The 6210 was available in 2WD or MFWD 4wd configurations.

It also had two rear remotes as standard equipment.

John Deere 4850 Problems


John Deere 4850 for Sale

Looking for a John Deere 4850 for sale? Here’s what you need to know! The John Deere 4850 is a great tractor for anyone in the market for a reliable and affordable option.

This model was first introduced in 1984 and quickly became one of the most popular models in the John Deere lineup. The 4850 is available in both 2WD and 4WD models, and features a six-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine that produces 135 horsepower. It has a top speed of 31 miles per hour and can accommodate up to four passengers in its spacious cab.

The 4850 also comes equipped with plenty of storage space for tools and equipment, making it ideal for farmers and ranchers who need to haul around supplies. If you’re looking for a tough and dependable tractor that won’t break the bank, the John Deere 4850 is a great choice!


In this blog post, the author discusses some of the common problems that owners of John Deere 4850 tractors may experience. These problems include engine issues, electrical problems, and transmission problems. The author provides detailed information on each problem, as well as possible solutions.

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