John Deere 4960 Problems

John Deere 4960 problems are not uncommon. Farmers have reported issues with the engine, transmission, and hydraulic system. Some common problems include: engines that won’t start or run properly, transmissions that slip or don’t engage, and hydraulic systems that leak or don’t work correctly.

While these problems can be frustrating, there are ways to troubleshoot and fix them.

The John Deere 4960 is a popular tractor model, but it’s not without its problems. Some common issues that owners have reported include engine fires, fuel leaks, and steering problems. While these issues can be serious, they’re fortunately relatively rare.

Most John Deere 4960s provide years of reliable service with only minor issues. If you own a John Deere 4960, it’s important to be aware of these potential problems so you can keep an eye out for them. If you do experience any of these issues, don’t hesitate to contact your local John Deere dealer or a qualified repair technician for assistance.

With proper care and maintenance, your John Deere 4960 will continue to provide many years of dependable service.

4960 Broken Parts Explained

Is a 4960 a Good Tractor?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on individual circumstances and preferences. Some people might find a 4960 model tractor to be perfectly suited to their needs, while others may prefer a different make or model. It really comes down to what the user is looking for in a tractor and what their specific needs are.

That being said, some general things to keep in mind when considering whether or not a 4960 tractor is right for you include its engine size, fuel efficiency, weight, and attachments compatibility.

How Much is a John Deere 4960 Worth?

If you’re in the market for a John Deere 4960, you’re probably wondering how much it’s going to cost you. Here’s a look at what this tractor typically sells for: -A new John Deere 4960 costs around $140,000.

-A used John Deere 4960 in good condition can sell for anywhere from $70,000-$100,000. -A used John Deere 4960 in poor condition may only be worth $30,000 or less. Of course, the final price you’ll pay for your John Deere 4960 will depend on a number of factors, including its age, condition and where you buy it from.

But hopefully this gives you a general idea of what to expect when shopping for this popular tractor model.

How Much Hp Does a 4960 Have?

A 4960 has 12HP.

What Engine is in a John Deere 4960?

The John Deere 4960 is a four-wheel drive tractor that was introduced in 1984. It has a six-cylinder, turbocharged diesel engine that produces 175 horsepower. The tractor is equipped with a three-point hitch and dual hydraulic pumps.

It can be fitted with a wide variety of attachments, including a front-end loader, backhoe, and mower deck. The John Deere 4960 is one of the most popular models in the company’s 5M Series of tractors.

John Deere 4960 Problems


John Deere Tractors near Me

When it comes to finding John Deere tractors near me, there are a few different options that you have. You can either find a dealer that sells them or you can find a private seller. If you are looking for a deal on a used tractor, then it is probably best to go with a private seller.

However, if you are looking for a brand new tractor, then it is probably best to go with a dealer. There are pros and cons to both of these options, so it really depends on what you are looking for in a tractor. If you choose to go with a dealer, then they will most likely have more selection when it comes to John Deere tractors.

Dealerships also typically offer financing options, which can be helpful if you don’t have the full amount of money upfront. The downside of buying from a dealer is that they usually charge more than private sellers do. Private sellers typically have lower prices since they are not trying to make as much profit as dealerships are.

However, the downside of working with private sellers is that they may not have as much knowledge about the products they are selling. It is important to do your research before buying from either option so that you know what you are getting yourself into!


If you’re a John Deere 4960 owner, you may be having some problems. The most common problem is the engine stalling, which can be caused by a few different things. One possible cause is the fuel filter being clogged.

Another possibility is that the spark plugs are dirty or need to be replaced. If you’re having trouble with your John Deere 4960, make sure to check these things first.

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