John Deere G110 Engine Specifications

When it comes to the world of outdoor power equipment, few names are as synonymous with quality and reliability as John Deere. With a legacy spanning over a century, John Deere has consistently delivered top-notch products to meet the needs of farmers, landscapers, and homeowners alike.

In this blog post, we delve deep into the heart of one of their remarkable machines—the John Deere G110 lawn tractor. Specifically, we’ll be focusing on its impressive engine specifications, uncovering the powerhouse that drives this workhorse.

If you’ve ever wondered what makes the John Deere G110 tick and what sets it apart from the competition, you’re in the right place. Join us as we explore the inner workings of this exceptional piece of machinery and discover the engineering marvel that powers it.

John Deere G110 Engine Specifications

Specifications Value
Engine Manufacturer Kohler
Engine Model Number CV730S
Engine type 4-cycle, gasoline, OHV, cast iron cylinder liners, aluminum block
Horsepower 18.6 kW (25 hp)
Engine RPM 3600
Displacement 725 cc (44.2 cu in.)
Bore 83 mm (3.3 in.)
Stroke 67 mm (2.6 in.)
Ignition Module Air Gap 0.20-0.30 mm (0.008-0.012 in.)
Intake and Exhaust Valve Clearance Not Applicable (Engine Uses Hydraulic Lifters)
Spark Plug-Gap 0.76 mm (0.030 in.)
Spark Plug-Torque 24.4-29.8 Nm (18-22 lb-ft)
Cylinders Two
Stroke/Cycle Four
Lubrication Full-Pressure
Oil Filter Yes
Air Cleaner Dual Stage
Crankcase without oil filter 1.8 L (1.9 qt)
Crankcase with oil filter 1.9 L (2 qt)
Fuel 7.9 L (2.1 gal)
Hydraulic Valve – Lifter to Crankcase Running Clearance 0.0241/0.0501 mm (0.0009/0.0020 in.)
Intake Valve Stem-to-Valve Guide Running Clearance 0.038/0.076 mm (0.0015/0.0030 in.)
Exhaust Valve Stem-to-Valve Guide Running Clearance 0.050/0.088 mm (0.0020/0.0035 in.)
Intake Valve Guide I.D. Max. Wear Limit 7.134 mm (0.2809 in.)
Exhaust Valve Guide I.D. Max. Wear Limit 7.159 mm (0.2819 in.)
Valve Guide Reamer Size Standard 7.048 mm (0.2775 in.)
Intake Valve Minimum Lift 8.07 mm (0.3177 in.)
Exhaust Valve Minimum Lift 8.07 mm (0.3177 in.)

Electrical System

Charging System Regulated Circuit
Charging System Capacity 16 Amp
Battery Voltage 12 Volts
Battery Type BCI Group U1

John Deere G110 Drive Train

Transmission Transaxle Tuff Torq K66
Transmission Type Belt-driven hydrostatic
Gears Infinite forward and reverse
Reduction Ratio 37.22:1
Axle Torque (rated) (Nm) 420
Max. Tire Size (inch) 23
Brake Capacity (Nm) @ 300 N 330
Pump/Motor Displacement (cc/min-1) 10/10
Max. Input Speed (min-1) 3400
Axle Shaft Size (mm) 25.4
Max. Static Weight on Axle (kg) 317
Weight (Dry) (kg) 23
Brake Wet disk, internal
Housing (Case) Aluminum Die Casting
Differential Automotive Type Bevel Gears
Differential Lock Option
Speed Control System Foot Control / Hand Control
Auxiliary Hydraulic Output Option (For Power Steering, Lift and Others) 6.9L/min, 31bars (450psi) @ 2,000rpm
Bypass Valve Standard
Oil Reservoir External Reservoir
Oil Change Sealed unit, service not recommended
Mid PTO Independent
Clutch Electric
Chassis 4×2 2WD
Steering Manual

JD G110 Tires

Parameter Value
Size (Front) 16 x 6.5 – 8
Size (Rear) 23 x 10.5 – 12
Tire Pressure (Front) 83 kPa (12 psi)
Tire Pressure (Rear) 69 kPa (10 psi)


Parameter Value
Height 119 cm (47 in.)
Length (Overall) 181 cm (71.25 in.)
Width (Machine Only) 95 cm (37.5 in.)
Width (Machine with 54 Inch Mower) 169 cm (66.5 in.)
Weight 263 kg (579 lb)

John Deere G110 Attachments

Mower Deck

Parameter Value
Mower Deck 137 cm (54 in.)
Blades-Rotary 3
Blade Bolt Torque 82 Nm (60 lb-ft)
Mower Drive Sheave Spindle Torque 108 Nm (80 lb-ft)
Cutting Height-Approx. 25-102 mm (1-4 in.)
Cutting Width 1372 mm (54 in.)


Parameter Value
Blade Type Front-mount
Width 46 in. (116 cm)
Lift Manual
Angle Manual


Snow Blower Type Front-Mount John Deere single-stage with manual lift
Clearing Width 42 in. (106 cm)
Snow Blower Type Front-Mount single-stage with manual lift
Clearing Width 43.25 in. (109 cm)
Clearing Height 18 in. (45 cm)
Weight 180 lbs (81 kg)


In the world of outdoor equipment, precision engineering and reliability are paramount. The John Deere G110, with its robust engine specifications, embodies these qualities and more. Whether you’re a professional landscaper or a homeowner with a passion for maintaining a pristine lawn, this machine stands as a testament to John Deere’s commitment to excellence.

As we conclude our exploration of the John Deere G110 engine specifications, it’s evident that this powerhouse of a machine is more than just a lawn tractor; it’s a trusted companion for those who demand nothing but the best. With a Kohler engine at its core, delivering 25 horsepower of pure performance, the G110 is ready to tackle any task you throw at it.

So, whether you’re preparing for a day of mowing, towing, or any other outdoor endeavor, you can rest assured that the John Deere G110’s engine is up to the challenge. With this remarkable piece of equipment in your arsenal, you’ll not only get the job done efficiently but also with the peace of mind that comes from owning a John Deere—a name synonymous with quality, reliability, and innovation.

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