John Deere Gt235 Problems

The John Deere GT235 is a lawn and garden tractor that was produced by the John Deere company from 2002 to 2005. The GT235 was part of the GT series of tractors that included the GT242, GT262, and GT275. The 235 horsepower tractor was manufactured at the Horicon Works in Horicon, Wisconsin.

TheGT235 used the Yanmar 3TNA72 engine, which is a three-cylinder diesel engine with a displacement of 72 cubic inches (1.2 L). This engine produced 23 horsepower at 2,800 rpm. The transmission on the tractor was an hydrostatic transmission with two pedal controls for forward and reverse speeds.

The pedals were located on the floor of the operator’s platform.

If you’re a John Deere GT235 owner, then you know that this model tractor is prone to some common problems. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the most frequently reported issues: 1. Engine stalling – This problem is most often caused by a dirty air filter or spark plug.

It can also be due to a faulty fuel pump or injector. 2. Poor engine performance – This can be caused by several different factors, including a dirty carburetor, bad fuel mixture, or incorrect timing. 3. Transmission problems – The GT235 is known for having transmission issues, especially after extended use.

Common symptoms include hard shifting, slipping gears, and premature wear on the clutch and bearings. 4. Hydraulic leaks – Hydraulic leaks are another common issue with the GT235. They can often be traced back to worn seals or O-rings in the hydraulic system.

John Deere Gt235 Problems


What Engine is in a John Deere Gt235?

The John Deere GT235 comes equipped with a 23-horsepower, three-cylinder Yanmar diesel engine. This Tier III certified engine provides plenty of power and torque to get the job done quickly and efficiently. The GT235 also features a hydrostatic transmission, which makes for easy and precise control while operating the tractor.

When was John Deere Gt235 Made?

The John Deere GT235 was made from 2003 to 2005. It was a lawn and garden tractor that featured a hydrostatic transmission, 42″ mower deck, and 20 hp Kawasaki engine. The GT235 was replaced by the John Deere X300 in 2006.

How Long Will a John Deere Gt235 Last?

It’s no secret that John Deere makes some of the most durable and long-lasting lawn tractors on the market. In fact, many John Deere GT235 owners report that their tractor lasts for years and years with proper maintenance. So, how long can you expect a John Deere GT235 to last?

With proper care and maintenance, it’s not uncommon for a John Deere GT235 to last 10+ years. That said, there are some factors that can affect the lifespan of your GT235, such as how often you use it and what type of terrain you’re mowing. If you use your GT235 regularly (several times per week) on rough terrain, then it probably won’t last as long as if you only used it occasionally on level ground.

Additionally, if you don’t perform regular maintenance like changing the oil and sharpening the blades, then your GT235 will likely have a shorter lifespan. Overall, though, if you take good care of your John Deere GT235 lawn tractor, it should provide dependable service for many years to come.

What Engine is in John Deere X590?

The John Deere x590 comes equipped with a powerful four-cylinder, liquid-cooled diesel engine. This engine provides plenty of power and torque to handle even the toughest jobs. It also features a high-pressure common rail fuel system for increased efficiency and reliability.

John Deere GT235 – Charging Light – Voltage Regulator Replacement

John Deere Gt235 Snowblower for Sale

If you’re looking for a powerful and reliable snowblower, the John Deere GT235 is a great option. This snowblower is built to last, with a heavy-duty auger and impeller that can handle even the heaviest snowfalls. And it’s also equipped with an electric start system, so you can get started quickly and easily on those cold winter mornings.

Plus, the GT235 comes with a two-stage snow throwing system that can clear large areas quickly and efficiently.


If you’re a John Deere GT235 owner, you may be having some problems with your tractor. Here are some common issues that owners have been having, as well as some possible solutions. One problem that has been reported is that the transmission may not engage properly.

This can be caused by a few different things, so it’s important to troubleshoot and figure out what the root cause is. One possibility is that the PTO switch is not being turned on all the way. Another possibility is that there is something wrong with the transmission itself.

If you think it might be the latter, you should take your tractor to a John Deere dealer or service center to have it checked out. Another common issue with the GT235 is that the deck belt may come off while mowing. This can be frustrating, but thankfully there is an easy fix.

All you need to do is loosen the tensioner pulley and then retighten it once the belt is back in place. If you’re having any other problems with your John Deere GT235, make sure to check out online forums or contact a John Deere dealer or service center for help.

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