John Deere GX345 Engine Specifications

When it comes to reliable lawn and garden equipment, John Deere is a name that enthusiasts and professionals alike trust. The John Deere GX345 is a testament to the brand’s commitment to quality and performance.

In this blog post, we will delve into the heart of this machine, its engine, and explore its specifications in detail. Whether you’re a dedicated lawn care professional or a homeowner looking for the best equipment to maintain your green spaces, understanding the power and capabilities of the GX345 engine is crucial.

Join us as we take a closer look at the impressive engine specifications that make the John Deere GX345 a standout in its class.

John Deere GX345 Engine Specifications

Parameter Specification
Engine Make Kawasaki
Engine Model FD611V
Cylinders V-Twin
Engine Power, Rated, hp (kW) 14.9 (20)
Compression 9:1
Displacement 585 cm³ (35.7 cu in.)
Engine Bore 74 mm (2.90 in.)
Engine Stroke 68 mm (2.70 in.)
Cycle Four
Cooling Type Air
Oil Filter Replaceable Full Flow Filter
Air Cleaner Paper Element with Foam Precleaner
Spark Plug Gap 0.75 mm (0.030 in.)
Spark Plug Torque 15 Nm (11 lb-ft)
Valve Clearance (cold) 0.25 mm (0.010 in.)
Ignition Coil Air Gap 0.2 – 0.4 mm (0.008 – 0.016 in.)
Voltage 12 V
CCA (Cold Cranking Amps) 500 amp
Reserve Capacity 90 minutes
BCI Group Size 51

John Deere GX-345 Tractor Drivetrain

Transmission Description Tuff Torq K71
Transmission Type Hydrostatic
Gears Infinite Forward and Reverse
Oil Filter Replaceable Filter

Travel Speeds at Full Engine RPM

Speed Range
Forward 0-11.3 km/h (0-7 mph)
Reverse 0-6.4 km/h (0-4 mph)

JD GX345 Tractor PTO (Power take off)

Front PTO Independent
PTO Clutch Electric

Wheels and Steering

Drive Wheels 2WD
Steering Configuration Power Steering


Brake Type – Internal Wet Disc


Hitch Type – Sleeve hitch

JD GX345 Capacities

Fluid Type Capacity
Fuel Tank 15.1 L (4.0 gal)
Coolant System 3.1 L (3.3 qt)
Transmission Oil (including reservoir) 4.7 L (5.0 qt)
Engine Oil (with filter) 1.9 L (2.0 qt)
Engine Oil (without filter) 1.7 L (1.8 qt)

John Deere GX-345 Dimensions

Measurement Value
Wheel Base 125 cm (49.25 in.)
Overall Height 111 cm (43.6 in.)
Overall Length 183.5 cm (72.25 in.)
Overall Width Rear Wheels in Narrow Position (without mower) 104.2 cm (41.0 in.)
Overall Width Rear Wheels in Wide Position (without mower) 106.2 cm (41.8 in.)


Net Weight (Without Mower or Fuel) – 310 kg (683 lb)

Tire Size

Tire Type Size Inflation Range
Front 16×6.50-8 70-97 kPa (10-14 psi)
Rear 24×12-12 56-70 kPa (8-10 psi)

54 Inch Mower Specs

Mower Type Mulch, Bag, or Side Discharge
Cutting Blades 3
Mower Weight 67 kg (148 lb)
Blade Bolt Torque 68 Nm (50 lb-ft)
Cutting Width 137 cm (54 in.)
Cutting Height (approximate) 25-102 mm (1-4 in.)
Height Adjustment 13-Position, 6.35 mm (1/4 in.) Increments


In the world of outdoor power equipment, the John Deere GX345 stands as a symbol of excellence and dependability. Its engine specifications, as we’ve explored in this blog post, are a testament to the meticulous engineering and innovation that have been the hallmark of the John Deere brand for generations.

Whether you’re drawn to its powerful performance, fuel efficiency, or the seamless integration of advanced technology, the GX345 engine truly has it all.

With this comprehensive understanding of the John Deere GX345 engine specifications, you’re now equipped with the knowledge needed to make an informed decision for your lawn and garden maintenance needs.

As you embark on your landscaping and gardening projects, rest assured that the GX345’s robust engine is ready to tackle the toughest tasks while ensuring a smooth and efficient operation. It’s a reliable companion that embodies the John Deere legacy of quality and excellence, making it an investment that you can count on for years to come.

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