John Deere L108 Engine Specifications

Are you in the market for a reliable riding lawn mower that can handle your landscaping needs with ease? Look no further than the John Deere L108. When it comes to lawn care equipment, John Deere has a reputation for producing high-quality machines, and the L108 is no exception.

In this blog post, we will delve into the specifications of the John Deere L108, highlighting its key features, engine specifications, cutting capabilities, and more.

Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or a homeowner looking for a dependable mower, understanding the L108’s specifications will help you make an informed decision for your lawn care needs.

John Deere L108 Engine Specifications

Specification Value
Engine Model Briggs Stratton 31P677
Engine Type Air-cooled vertical shaft
Horsepower 13.8 kW (18.5 hp)
Displacement 501 cc (30.59
Bore 90.60 mm (3.56 in.)
Stroke 77.78 mm (3.06 in.)
Fuel Gasoline
Ignition Module (Armature)
Air Gap 0.253-0.356 mm (0.010-0.014 in.)
Intake Valve Clearance 0.076-0.127 mm (0.003-0.005 in.)
Exhaust Valve Clearance 0.13-0.18 mm (0.005-0.007 in.)
Spark Plug-Gap 0.76 mm (0.030 in.)
Spark Plug-Torque 20 Nm (15 lb-ft)
Cylinders One
Oil Filter Yes
Oil capacity 2 qts (1.9 L)
Air Filter Paper with Foam
Charging System Regulated Circuit
Charging System Capacity 9 Amp
Battery Voltage 12 Volts
Battery Type BCI Group U1

John Deere L108 Drivetrain

Transmission Specifications Value
Transmission Type Belt-driven hydrostatic
Transaxle Manufacturer Tuff Torq HD K46
Gears Infinite forward and reverse
Transmission Oil Change Sealed unit, service not recommended
Forward Travel Speed 0-8.9 km/h (0-5.5 mph)
Reverse Travel Speed 0-5.2 km/h (0-3.2 mph)
Chassis 4×2 2WD
Steering Manual Steering

This table provides an overview of the transmission specifications for the John Deere L108, including details about the transmission type, transaxle manufacturer, gears, and travel speeds. It also includes information about the chassis and steering system.

JD L108 Power Take-off

Mid PTO Independent
Clutch Mechanical


Tire Specifications Front Rear
Size 15×6.00-6 20×8.0-8
Tire Pressure 97 kPa (14 psi) 69 kPa (10 psi)

JD L108 Capacities

Fluid Capacities Capacity
Crankcase without oil filter 1.4 L (1.5 qt)
Crankcase with oil filter 1.65 L (1.75 qt)
Fuel 7.9 L (2.1 gal)


Dimensions and Weight Value
Height 98 cm (38.6 in.)
Length (Overall) 175 cm (69 in.)
Width (Overall) 91 cm (36 in.)
Weight 210 kg (462 lb)

This table summarizes the dimensions and weight of the John Deere L108, providing information about its height, length, width, and total weight.

John Deere L108 Mower Deck

Mower Deck Specifications 107 cm (42 in.) 122 cm (48 in.)
Blades-Rotary 2 3
Blade Bolt Torque 62 Nm (46 lb-ft) 62 Nm (46 lb-ft)
Cutting Height-Approx. 25-102 mm (1-4 in.) 25-102 mm (1-4 in.)
Cutting Width 1067 mm (42 in.) 1219 mm (48 in.)

This table presents information about two different mower deck options available for the John Deere L108, including the number of rotary blades, blade bolt torque, cutting height range, and cutting width for each deck size.


In conclusion, the John Deere L108 is a versatile and dependable riding lawn mower designed to make your lawn care tasks a breeze. With its sturdy construction, reliable engine, and user-friendly features, it’s no wonder that the L108 has been a popular choice among homeowners and landscaping enthusiasts alike.

We’ve covered essential specifications such as its engine type, cutting width, and transmission system, giving you a comprehensive overview of what this mower has to offer. Whether you have a small suburban yard or a more extensive lawn to maintain, the John Deere L108 can be a valuable addition to your arsenal of outdoor equipment.

As you consider your options for lawn mowers, keep the John Deere L108 in mind for its durability, efficiency, and the trusted brand name behind it. Investing in a quality mower like the L108 can help you achieve a well-manicured lawn that you can be proud of season after season.

So, get ready to tackle your lawn care tasks with confidence, armed with the knowledge of the John Deere L108’s impressive specifications.

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